Unparalleled Professional Experience

Why trust the Indicia team?

Analyzing data to help our customers reach new heights of success is a task that Indicia has turned into science. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Geomarketing, Indicia knows how to adapt the latest technologies and analyzes of databases, statistical models and spatial analysis methodologies to determine the possibilities of expansion or optimization of its existing sales network.

Indicia analyzes, day after day, more than 263,000 North American neighborhoods and more than 3,000 variables, transforming raw data into a precise source of strategic information that a decision-maker might hope for.

The Indicia team uses a proprietary methodology. This methodology has been used for more than 2,500 projects benefiting several hundred customers in Canada and the United States.

Based in Terrebonne, Quebec, Indicia was founded in 2005 by Daniel Lemire, whose reputation in the industry, built over 20 years, is synonymous with meticulousness, precision, analytical innovation and guaranteed results.

North american coverage… Global footprint…

Since its creation, Indicia has built a solid reputation among the best Quebec companies. To date, we have delivered 30% of our projects regionally.

Indicia is also a leading leader in performing geographic growth analyzes and plans across Canada from coast to coast to coast. This portion of our intervention is required every year and reaches 30% of our efforts.

Our expertise is also often applied to North American project. Our methodology and tools apply to this situation in more than 30% of our yearly efforts are spent in the USA.

Finally, our footprint spreads worldwide with projects delivered in South America, Europe, Asia and even Australia! To date, 10% of our efforts are global, but we expect to increase this foot print in the near future.