Unique Expertise that calls for Anonymity and Discretion.

Skepticism – discovery – dependence cycle


Undertaking an analytical journey with Indicia is often an act of faith. As the executive of a major company, you have rarely seen a team as analytical driven as Indicia.

At the beginning of the relationship, our clients are often skeptical about our ability to understand their issues, analyze their market, and deliver results that will help them grow.

As Indicia delivers its analysis, the doubt disappears and our customers discover an unparalleled world of answers, presented with unparalleled clarity.

After a while, the management team becomes addicted to our analyzes and asks for more on a regular basis.

Indicia excels at summarizing the performance of your business from a never seen before angle!

Collaborating with Indicia quickly becomes a competitive advantage that our customers want to keep secret. As a result, Indicia often signs confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

Sometimes these agreements also include a stock market protection before and after quarterly earnings release.

It’s a safe bet that you too will want to make sure that Indicia’s analyzes as well as the new vision of the market opportunities resulting from our methodology do not benefit your competition.

Our collaboration shall remain a secret!