Methodology for the distribution sector.

A proven methodology to geographically optimize your reseller and dealer network.

The Indicia methodology has been fine tuned for the distribution sector. It consists of 17 equally important and complementary steps. The methodology, developed over the past 20 years, has been used in more than 2,500 projects and to the benefits of hundreds of clients in Canada and the United States.

Imagine distributing your products in the right markets using the best distribution channels.

Data Creation

  • Corporate data base extraction
  • Aggregation at the client “ship to” level
  • Clients profiling and industry penetration
  • Sales prediction matrix and maximum sales by industry cluster
  • Available market and geographic allocation
  • Traffic generators and their impact on distributor’s sales
  • Competitive landscape and its impact on distributor’s sales

Business Rules

  • Success factors by reseller type, demographic environment and region

Optimal Solution

  • Reseller network optimization
  • Gap analysis
  • Opportunity ranking


  • Identification of optimal reseller and distribution channels
  • Regional market evaluations; opening, closure, development or alternative strategies
  • Target marketing and list of potential resellers
  • Decision support systems
  • Update and maintenance on data and models
  • Training and support