Growth Plan

Rely on Indicia to drive your Business Growth

Defining precisely the geographic markets that will generate growth for your business is not an easy task.

The Indicia team analyzes the current and past performance of your network and identifies the success factors that should be used as a springboard for your expansion.

A clear and logical road map is delivered in a comprehensive document that will guide you for the next 3-5 years.

This formula is suitable for companies facing significant challenges in terms of geographic footprint, market coverage and local market share.

You need
us when :

You want to determine the size of your network at maturity

You need to identify high potential geographic areas

You must define a sequence of opening for tour service points

You want to optimize your selling square footage

You want to eliminate non-performing sites

Our clients require anonymity : they voluntarily protect their interests


We are proud of the privileged relationship we develop with our customers. On the other hand, this situation limits our ability to broadcast our good work into the market. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of industries we served in recent years.

Home Decor

Arts & crafts



Alcoholic beverages

Non-alcoholic beverages

Credit cards

Chocolates and candies

Beauty products

Skin care products

Car maintenance

Cleaning services

Specialized grocery

Pharmaceutical industry


Books, music and media

Car and truck rental

Tool rental


Building materials

Pet Food



Junior department stores

Plumbing, Heating and Ventilation

Hair Care


Family oriented restaurants

High volume restaurants

Quick service restaurant

Coffee break services

Health services / spas

Dental services

Food supplement


Auto glass

Winter garment

Maternity clothes

Family clothing


Store performance analysis
Demographic analysis
Competitors data base
Sales cannibalization
Store characteristics and impacts on sales
Network consolidation
Business & Success rules definition
Trade area analysis
Franchise network development
Site location analysis
Store closure, relocation or renovation
Online sales impact
Potential client list
Location of distribution centers
Customer acquisition models
Sales predictive
Market coverage Optimization
Sales Force effectiveness
Square footage optimization
Dealer network optimization
Local market shares
Industry penetration and share
Market sizing and allocation
Market review
Customer segmentation
Opening sequence of new markets
Acquisition strategy
Decision support systems

Our proven method makes the difference.

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