In-House Geomarketing Department

Let Indicia fulfill all your Geomarketing needs

The Indicia team becomes responsible for all the Geomarketing and spatial analysis needs in your organization.

The proper sequence of analysis and deliverables is planned and then executed on a global budget basis. A bank of the hour is also planned to cover last-minute requests.

Analyses are periodically updated and broadcasted in dashboards and online decision support systems.

This mode of collaboration is appreciated by organizations operating in a dynamic market and seeking the expertise of a top-of-the-line team at fixed rates.

You need
us when :

You’re rethinking your distribution and retail network

You’re planning a major and rapid geographic growth

You want to change your position in a transforming market

You’re looking for a longitudinal assessment of your performance in many micro-markets

You require quick but thorough answers to complex business questions

Our clients require anonymity : they voluntarily protect their interests

We are proud of the privileged relationship we develop with our customers. On the other hand, this situation limits our ability to broadcast our good work into the market. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of industries we served in recent years.


Automobile and light trucks


Petrol and gas

Convenience stores


Department stores


Discount stores

Dollar stores


Auto parts

Truck parts


Office supplies

Auto body products

Paper products



Auto glass

Children's clothing

Women's clothing

Plus size clothes


Store performance analysis
Product mix analysis
Lifetime value analysis
Cross-selling analysis
Wallet share analysis
Demographic analysis
Competitors data base
Sales cannibalization
Store characteristics and impacts on sales
Network consolidation
Business & Success rules definition
Trade area analysis
Franchise network development
Site location analysis
Store closure, relocation or renovation
Data base hygiene and cleansing
Online sales impact
Location of distribution centers
Sales predictive models
RFM models
Market coverage Optimization
Sales Force effectiveness
Square footage optimization
Dealer network optimization
Local market shares
Industry penetration and share
Market sizing and allocation
Market review
Customer segmentation
Opening sequence of new markets
Decision support systems
Dashboards and key performance indicators

Our proven method makes the difference.

Discover why