All your Business Intelligence needs under One Roof

Using new and emerging business intelligence technologies often seems complex and expensive.

At Indicia, we are approaching the implementation of a business intelligence solution from your point of view.

We identify the proper business question; we define the most efficient solution and only implement the necessary tools as a complementary solution to your other systems.

This solution is suitable for companies looking for business intelligence solutions that fit their current budget and needs.

You need
us when :

You think about using dashboards

You want to explore geomatics and business mapping

You are looking to provide reliable and recurring data to your organization

You want to react to a sudden change in the market

You want to support your decisions with complete and up-to-date data

You must optimize your mailing distribution

Our clients require anonymity : they voluntarily protect their interests


We are proud of the privileged relationship we develop with our customers. On the other hand, this situation limits our ability to broadcast our good work into the market. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of industries we served in recent years.


Alcoholic beverages

Convenience stores

Electric supplies

Hospitality and lodging


Lotteries, games and casinos

Dollar stores


Hair Care


Dental services


Ophthalmic lenses


Media coverage analysis
Store performance analysis
Product mix analysis
Lifetime value
Cross-selling analysis
Wallet share analysis
Competitors data base
Sales cannibalisation
Targeting and postal distribution optimization
Trade area analysis
Data base hygiene and cleansing
Batch geocoding
Transactional trigger analysis
Potential client list
RFM models
Sales Force effectiveness
Customer origin
POI and traffic generators files
Customer segmentation
Decision support systems
Dashboards and key performance indicators

Our proven method makes the difference.

Discover why