Spatial Data

Rely on Indicia to get Spatial Data of Incomparable Quality

Your company has in-house expertise for Geomarketing analysis. However, you struggle to collect the information necessary for your analyzes…

Indicia has become a master in the compilation and delivery of generic and customized spatial data.

We can create custom data for most markets and update them on a regular basis.

You need us
when :

You’re looking for the locations and characteristics of your competitors

You want to know the price points and sales levels of your competitors

You’re looking for the locations and characteristics of your company's traffic generators

You’re Looking for a Point of Interest Database

You need a reliable list of potential customers

You need demographic data

You seek cartographic files

You need postal files

Our clients require anonymity : they voluntarily protect their interests


We are proud of the privileged relationship we develop with our customers. On the other hand, this situation limits our ability to broadcast our good work into the market. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of industries we served in recent years.

Pet services


Automobile and light trucks


Alcoholic beverages

Beauty products

Car and truck rental




Hair Care

Auto body products

Paper products

Quick service restaurant



Auto glass

Ophthalmic lenses


Competitors data base
Store characteristics and impacts on sales
Targeting and postal distribution optimization
Trade area analysis
Data base hygiene and cleansing
Batch geocoding
Potential client list
Market coverage Optimization
POI and traffic generators files

Our proven method makes the difference.

Discover why